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My Happy Place is a cozy, creative destination for scrapbookers and crafters to do what they love: relax and enjoy their favorite craft project. Our studio is a crafters dream! Our crops provide a venue ideal for scrapping - your own 6ft table, lots of space for friends, wi-fi, and many tools including a Cricut, Cuttlebug, and Sizzix Dies/cutter, to help you create beautiful scrapbook pages or crafts that your family will enjoy for years to come. We also offer a wide variety of classes and can host events such as birthdays, ladies nights, bridal/baby showers etc. that your guests will rave about for years.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What are people doing at MHP?

Hello My Happy Place friends!
I thought you might like to see some things that people are doing at
 My Happy Place.
Here are a few pictures from the crop we had on Saturday, February 23rd
Jen was working on some hedgehog images
 that will someday be made into cards. 
They turned out adorable!

Cheryl colored these sweet angels that will make their way onto cards.

Danell has been working on her son, Ryan's graduation from high school.
This is just one of the wonderful layouts she has done.

Here are some layouts done for a scrapbook about
DECA a group in one of the local high schools.
These young ladies were new to My Happy Place,
but obviously not to scrapbooking.

Who doesn't want their baby shower scrapped?
I'm guessing it was probably a girl, what do you think?
Lovely job, Julie.
These are just a few of the things that were happening at MHP that day.
Lots more was created..... layouts, cards, gift boxes, home made tissue tape!
Hope to see y'all there soon.
We will have the schedule for April, May and June out soon.
Thanks for stopping by, come again soon, you never know what we'll be showing you here.
~Scrap Queen Kristie~

Monday, February 11, 2013

Souper Crop

Hello My Happy Place friends!
Just wanted to share a few pictures from
The 2nd Annual Souper Crop
that took place this past Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at
My Happy Place.
I planned to take more pictures to share, but somehow
even though I'm an avid scrapper and photographer,
it just didn't happen.
But I do have some pictures of the "goodie cups" that everyone found at their seats.
Each cropper got a soup cup, which some of them used to take some of the leftovers home in.
In the cup was a "Cup of Soup" packet, in a MHP soup mug,
some chocolates, a ticket for a drink and a "can of soup"

We used the can of soup to play our trivia game throughout the day.
Scrap Queens Danielle and Kristie had a set of cans and would draw a can and called out the kind of soup that was drawn. 
Whoever had that kind of soup would play the trivia game.
We had 3 cans of Campbell's Soup and the "contestant" would choose
Cream of Mushroom, Chicken Noodle or Tomato.
Under the cans were the choices of trivia:
Scrapbooking/Crafting Trivia
Soup Trivia
You choose
Then if they answered correctly they would win a prize package.
If they didn't answer correctly they could choose a consolation prize.

We also gave tickets through out the day for random things.
Things like, if you had trees in a picture in front of you,
or if there was a child under 5 on your layout.
Those tickets went into a drawing for the end of the day.
Lorraine was the lucky winner of this prize pack.
For dinner we, of course, had soups.
Chicken Tortilla,
Cream of Mushroom,
Cream of Potato
Squash Bisque
All home made and delicious.
Dessert was chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies and brownies.
Our scrappers brought snacks to share, so we had plenty of munchies.
We did learn some interesting things about scrapbooking and soups, too.
Did you know that Thomas Jefferson, Rutherford B. Hayes, Mark Twain and Andy Warhol were all avid scrapbookers?
Did you know that the first soup in history was in 6000 BC? 
And what kind was it?  Hippopotamus! 
How they know this, I haven't a clue, but it's and interesting tidbit anyway.
Did you know The Campbell Soup company was started way back in 1869!
I think everyone there had a great time, we made some new scrappy friends and had a great time with some of the tried and true MHP friends too.
If you weren't lucky enough to be at the "Souper Crop"
try to come and do some scrapping/crafting with us another time.
You'll be sure to have fun with the ladies at MHP, we're a pretty friendly bunch.
Check out our schedule, by clicking on the
My Happy Place Schedule tab at the top of the page.
We have plenty to choose from.
Hope to see you soon.
~Scrap Queen Kristie~

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Hello scrappy, crafty friends!
I just thought I'd share a couple layouts I did recently at
My Happy Place
and they are both about MHP.
As you can see, I'm way behind on my scrapping.
The first one is from the very first all weekend crop.
They are pictures from when we went out to dinner to
TGI Friday's on Satuday evening,
This 2nd one is from a 2009 all day crop
at MHP.
Fun time!
Do you see yourself in any of these pictures?
Leave a comment and let me know you saw yourself!
~Scrap Queen Kristie~